InterConnection has connected over 300,000 people in 40 different countries to life-changing technology. We believe providing computers to those in need is an essential ingredient for creating a better world. So our focus for almost 20 years has been to bridge the digital divide. In Chile, InterConnection provided 1,000 computers to rural schools. After natural disasters in Haiti, Japan, Chile and Pakistan, InterConnection shipped computers to help with the rebuilding effort.

Access to technology takes on a new meaning when it provides a way to track and monitor cancer patients in third world countries, teach HIV education or allow an individual or family the opportunity to improve their lives.

“Your Grant has allowed us financial stability to do even more for our students to help them achieve academic excellence and bridge the educational gap…Without the InterConnection grant we would have not achieved the success we have so far.”

Jonathan Drummond, Administrator, ATAP Academy

Low-income Families & Students

We offer laptops and desktops to low-income families and students at the lowest price possible

Schools & Libraries

Donations to InterConnection help us cut the average cost of setting up a computer lab in a school, library or community center by over 70%.

Nonprofit Organizations

Every month, more than 200 nonprofits receive computers from InterConnection.

Disaster Relief

InterConnection works with organizations such as NetHope, World Vision, Microsoft Community Affairs and others when natural disasters strike around the world in order to get the nonprofit IT infrastructure up and running locally.

Computer Grants

InterConnection donates high-quality refurbished equipment to eligible nonprofits 4 times a year.