It’s easy to forget about the old laptop or phone that you have stashed away to deal with later, but there are many good reasons why you should pull those devices out and donate them to InterConnection. Here are the top five reasons why you should donate:

1. It Helps Others Get Connected

You may have heard of the term technology gap and it’s a serious problem. 87% of all American adults describe themselves as internet users; however, only 78% of American adults who earn less than $30,000 would describe themselves as such. The direct correlation between income level and access to internet is clear and it doesn’t stop there, the relation between level of education and access to internet is also just as glaring. 97% of people with a college degree or more have access to the internet whereas only 68% of people who did not graduate from high school can say the same (Pew Research Center, 2015).

When technology is so important in succeeding in life, it really is shocking that there is still such a gap between rich and poor.

2. It’s Safe and All Data is Wiped
As you may know, our main focus as a nonprofit is on reuse. The computers that we’re able to upgrade and refurbish, go on to benefit other nonprofits, schools, students and people of low-income. Because of this mission, it is incredibly important to us to make sure that the data on the computers we receive never sees the light of day! Even our employees never look at the data on donated devices. To make this happen, InterConnection makes sure all data is securely erased using methods aligned with Department of Defense, NIST800-88 and R2 guidelines ard drives that cannot be sanitized are shredded. We guarantee that your data is safe with us.

3. We’re a Certified Electronics Recycler

InterConnection was the first nonprofit in the U.S. to gain R2 and ISO14001 certification status. These certifications ensure we don’t export electronic waste, we only ship fully-refurbished computers, and we meet the highest standards for electronics recycling and reuse. We have these certifications because one of our biggest priorities is to never contribute to the problem of technology going into landfills. Even though our focus is on charitable reuse and not recycling, it is important that every step of our process causes as little harm to the environment as possible.

4. It’s Tax Deductible

InterConnection is a registered nonprofit organization in the United States with 501c3 status so your donation is tax deductible. This is one of the benefits to you for your generous donation! We will provide a donation receipt to you after your donation as documentation.

5. It’s Easy with Multiple Donation Sites!
We are constantly expanding in an effort to make donating items for people all around the Puget Sound as easy as possible. We have 38 drop off donation spots from as far north as Everett down all the way to Tacoma.