Computers Save Lives at Community Clinic


The Snake River Community Clinic bought two computers from us recently to help support their free, non-profit clinic that serves low-income people who are uninsured or under-insured. They provide free medical, dental, and mental health care and have served over 9,000 individuals since they opened in 2000.


Their staff is all volunteers, including their healthcare providers (doctors, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants). 3,700 students from Lewis-Clark State College, Washington State University, University of Washington, and University of Idaho volunteer for clinical and community experience which they are required to have for pharmacy, medical, nursing, and public health degrees.

The computers are being used for patient intake and tracking and accessing Electronic Medical Records. According to Charlotte Ash, the Clinic’s Director, the computers they have received from InterConnection have increased the efficiency of care they give to their patients, as well as the security of their patients’ information.



“We truly recommend InterConnection to all non-profits! Great equipment at fantastic prices provided by incredible people with great customer service!”

Charlotte Ash

Clinic Director, Snake River Community Clinic

The Snake River Community Clinic has saved lives in their community by offering free care to their disadvantaged population. Charlotte Ash told us that “one young woman put off going to a doctor for a lump in her right breast because she couldn’t afford the visit. So, when she finally came to us, she was in Stage 2 breast cancer. We got her connected to an oncologist and surgeon within 24 hours. That was a year ago and she’s doing pretty good. It really breaks my heart when I see people go without much-needed health care. Their problems usually grow into huge crises.”

Even though they are doing such phenomenal work, the Snake River Community Clinic is always trying to raise funds to support their operation. Their on-going Adopt-A-Patient campaign was created to deal with the increase in their patient load in 2014, after funding went down after the Affordable Care Act began.

Increasing the efficiency of this clinic can actually save lives and here at InterConnection, we’re immensely proud to be able to provide low-cost computers to organizations that change their community for the better!

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