Rescue Squad Uses Grant Computers to Coordinate Searches

Scott County Emergency and Rescue Squad in Oneida, Tennessee received 2 laptops in February through our grant program. We recently received an update on how they’ve been using their computers.

Scott County Emergency and Rescue Squad provides emergency services to all of Scott County, Tennessee, including vehicle rescue, water rescue, and search and rescue services. All members are volunteers and receive no pay for their service to the squad.

Bethney Burke-Hill, staff member, says: “We are currently using the computer for training and as in-house GPS units for coordinating searches. In the near future, at least one computer will be used in the rescue units to help coordinate searches with a GPS program that will be purchased and installed. This grant has been a blessing for us. We are in the process of raising the money now to get the GPS program to be able to use the laptops out in the field, but for now just being able to go in and coordinate has been a tremendous help!”

InterConnection is so pleased to be able to play a part in saving the lives of others and helping to strengthen other communities through the use of technology.

Bethany also had to say that “the InterConnection grant program is a wonderful option for organizations like the Scott County Emergency and Rescue Squad, who are nonprofit, to be able to acquire laptops or computers to help better serve our community and the people that live in it. We are very blessed that we were chosen to receive this grant and are eternally grateful.”

Any interested 501c3 nonprofit organization that feels they embody what we are looking for are encouraged to apply.

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