St. Stephen and St. Luke by-the-Sea Episcopal Church have written us letters thanking us for their computers they bought from us from our nonprofit store.

Reverend Peter Fones of St. Stephen Episcopal Church says the computer he bought from InterConnection has helped his small parish meet their needs despite their limited resources, knowing that “the need for modern equipment is vital in keeping the parish alive and active, able to serve both members and the community at large.”

Our nonprofit store has provided thousands of computers and technology to nonprofits at a considerable discount, as we know what a difference access to communication and resources can make for an organization trying to help their community.

Marcia Newberry of St. Luke’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church wrote that she “can’t tell [us] how pleased everyone is with the computer, the office software suite, the remarkable service and consideration shown to us by you and your organization.”

These letters always help us at InterConnection remember our mission of helping connect people by providing technology, while closing the recycling loop and giving computers a second home away from landfills.

It also reminds us to thank our donors, without whom we would not be able to provide any computers to organizations and individuals in need!

“Thank you and all your organization for helping us to continue the work we do both for our church member and the communities in which we live. Thank you for making it possible for me to do this for our church with the ease of a phone call.”

Marcia Newberry

St. Luke's by-the-Sea Episcopal Church

Please give back to your community by donating your computers so we can continue to help organizations like these get connected:

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