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InterConnection receives thousands of IT assets each month at our secure facility in Seattle. There, data is securely wiped and hard drives are destroyed. Laptops, desktops, monitors and more…are refurbished, warrantied, and made available to those in need. It’s everything you expect from an industry leading ITAD provider…with a heart.

Secure Logistics

Our camera monitored vehicles, industry leading tracking software, secure data cages, background-checked employees, certifications, and more ensure your data is kept safe.

Chain of Custody, Discovery & Destruction Reporting

Nothing brings peace of mind, like being able to see where your assets are in our process. That’s why we provide thorough reports and real time monitoring of your jobs.

Erasure & Destruction of Assets

Whether you’re looking for Department of Defense compliant wiping services or full destruction of your hard drives, we have the facility and technology to do so with ease.

Charitable & Directed Giving

This is where the fun begins. Either by partnering with your approved charities or by simply supporting us, we make sure that your technology does some good in the world.

Auditable. Uniform. Secure.

ITAD is secure, organized, uniform, report-driven, green, and policy centric. ITAD services begin and end, succeed and fail in auditable processes. That’s why we monitor every aspect of our process in great detail. From large scale weekly audits to daily check-ins and reporting, we are committed to the safety of your data. There simply is no room for error. Even companies with an eye on data security are often ill-equipped to handle all that needs to be done to secure their data.

Our Process

At InterConnection, we follow industry best practices ensuring the confidential data and private information existing on your IT assets is never compromised. InterConnection’s standard data destruction procedures are compliant with NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization and the Department of Defense 5220.22-M. Our custom-built asset tracking and data destruction program provides detailed reporting of every erasure and is compliant with Department of Defense, HIPAA, SOX, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and numerous other state and federal compliance measures.

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Conical Punch
Off-Site Shredding
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Pick-Ups – Local & National
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White Glove Service

Social Responsibility

Directed Giving
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InterConnection strives to meet all of your IT Asset Disposition reporting needs. We specialize in itemized asset reports to
ensure your company is in compliance with laws, regulations, and internal policies. These itemized reports are thorough, thanks to
our industry leading software and inventory tools. We customize solutions and reports for companies from all sectors. If you’re looking to gain visibility on your assets, keep detailed records of destruction, or want to know the environmental impact you are making; we can help you with that too.

Discovery Report

Detailing asset specifications such as model, capacity, and condition, a way to ensure your equipment arrived in full.

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Environmental Impact Report

How much of an environmental impact did your donation have? We have the answers here.

Certificate of Destruction

Peace of mind, knowing that your assets have been securely wiped and the data destroyed.

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Reuse & Impact

Every reusable computer serves an average of 7 users, most of whom represent underserved populations.

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