Grant Recipient Update:

Maria Mitchell Association

Named for America’s first female professional astronomer, the Maria Mitchell Association (MMA) is dedicated to promoting her legacy of exploration, research, and education. Located on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, and founded in 1902 the MMA operates two observatories, a natural science museum, and an aquarium.

The MMA  also offers a number of programs that provide hands-on learning opportunities for a better understanding of natural science, marine science, astronomy, and environmental stewardship. MMA provides scientific resources and educational programs to the Community using Nantucket Island as a natural laboratory in which students study science and the environment.

Earlier this year MMA was awarded 6 computers as a part of InterConnections Grant program that awards computers to nonprofit organizations in the United States 4 times a year. Today those computers are being primarily used by Interns to research and write curriculum and set up the museum gift shop. Next summer the desktops will be used in interactive museum exhibits focusing on women in astronomy and the importance of biological collections in understanding the region’s biodiversity.  The two exhibits will help bring MMA into the 21st century and attract roughly 3000 students, residents, and tourists.