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Fundacion del Bosque Tropical
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Environmental Communication's Center & Video Bank of Guatemala
A learning Center located in the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural "Jorge Ibarra". Its approach to non-formal education will be done through computers, the Internet, and films regarding themes on science and technology with emphasis on the environment and ecology. The Center will be directed towards all sectors, especially students of all levels, teachers, scientists and media specialists.

Teach the visitors of the Museum to use computers and the Internet for research relevant to natural resources, science and technology and other topics regarding ecology and the sciences. At the same time, it will provide the opportunity to review information on films and use them in specific video forums with large audiences. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES
Increase the number of visitors of the Museum offering new educational services.

  1. Design and organize workshops for school children and students of all levels.
  2. Strenghten the capacity of the Museum´s Library within the Center, combining it with other videographic material.
  3. Train the personnel which will work in the Center.
  4. Periodically organize conferences, seminars and video forums regarding environmental issues and other scientific themes.
  5. Organize computer and Internet workshops for the use of students.
El Bosqueton
It is the Iniciative of International Communication for the Mesoamerican Region that may allow to prevent and combat forest fires that usually create maladjustments in the climate and biodiversity of the Planet. It is also a fundraising program to allow the conformation of a Trust Fund for the Mesoamerican Projects that deal with prevention and combat of forest fires, biodiversity and the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, and projects of Climatic Change.

Unify efforts with the rest of the countries of the region, to strengthen the detection, prevention, control, management and monitoring of forest fires, thus, conserving the natural resources of the region in the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor context.

Raise awareness and support among the general public of Mesoamerica and internationally, concerning the protection of forests from the hazard of fires.

  1. Design and organize seminars and workshops for peasants and farmers regarding the prevention of forest fires in different rural areas of the eight participant countries.
  2. Educate and raise awareness on the public officers and managers of private companies in the Mesoamerican region, to prepare them for making adequate decissions on the importance of the prevention of forest fires, biodiversity and climatic change through specific training.
  3. Training chiefs of fire squads to duplicate the training in others in the rest of the region.
  4. Production and broadcasting of an educational tv, radio and press/ internet campaign to raise funds and awareness.
  5. Produce fundraising activities that may bring in further funds to be incorporated in the Trust Fund.
  6. Promote and/ or support the Mesoamerican Forestal Air Corps in the region.
  7. Implement a program of scholarships in various countries on the prevention and combat of forest fires.
The Rainforest Internet Studio
Part of the Foundation´s Headquarters, and of the Environment Communications Center with computers, Internet and cafeteria service within the Headquarters of the Westin Camino Real Hotel in Guatemala.

Provide the tourist and Executives an internet center for consultation and for email revision, allowing the Foundation to earn money. To provide the visitors with ecological information to interest them in subscribing as members.

Earn money by providing the users with a Portal to navigate in the Internet, exclusive of the Foundation (already in existence).

  1. Assistance in connecting to the Internet.
  2. Assistance in researching in the Internet.
  3. Sales of ecological products.
  4. Distribution of ecological information to users.
  5. Enrolling people as members of the foundation.
  6. Cafeteria service through the Café Viennese of the Westin Camino Real Hotel/Guatemala.
The Green Planet (Planeta Verde)
A children's ecological magazine to be published and distributed by an important Guatemalan newspaper.

Provide children with important ecological and educational information.Provide children the opportunity to participate actively in the Foundation´s activities.

Afiliate new members within the Foundation.

  1. Preparation of the information to be handed to the newspaper
Club Ecolovision
A Club which provides children with fun activities, and occasional ecological trips, newsletters and prizes.

Promote environmental education to children.

Promote fun and entertaining, ecological activities in which children and their parents may participate.

Elaboration of a monthly newsletter.Acquisition of monthly prizes to be distributed with the newsletters.Preparation of monthly activities to share with children.

Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes, Guatemala Museo de Historia Natural - Jorge Ibarra CONCYT PAFG Conama

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