Mr. Chairman, Ladies and gentlemen.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, and staff of Radio Apac and my own behalf, I wish to warmly welcome you dear participants to this consultative / Review Workshop. Radio Apac 92.9 F.M hit Apac district airwaves on the 16 -10 – 1999 and later Radio Apac repeater station 106.5 F.M hit Lira, Gulu, Kumi, Soroti, Masindi Kotido, Nakasongola and Moroto districts airwaves in the month of June, 2000.
We have continued to receive encouraging news of loud and clear signals from our audience of the above mentioned places. We are also informed of those potential audience who are affected by the law of physics, which says sound travels in straight line and does not defy hills and also the question of line of sight. As Director of Marketing / Board Secretary, I encourage you not to lose heart or hope. My chairman may expound on the issue of future plans of Radio Apac.
The Concept of Community Radio.

Radio Apac 92.9 / 106.5 F.M is a community Radio. It is one of the information communication technologies, a 3rd media sector perceived as a key pillar of development of rural communities at the grass roots. It is an empowerment tool to serve the marginalized groups in society. Community Radio fills the gap, with the producer and the target audience being perceived as partners.
At this workshop I wish to pose to you the following questions?
How can you our audiences effectively use RADIO APAC 92.9/106.5 FM Stations?
How can we ensure RADIO APAC 92.9 / 106.5 FM stations sustainability?
What are your (audience) expectations?
Radio Apac has come to stay with its high outreach advantages of information dissemination.
 If one is: -
1. A trader / businessman he/she needs to access market information.
2. A farmer needs weather focus information.
3. Rural communities need development information.
4. A politician needs current affairs, etc.
Therefore information, starts from our social needs e.g. where to get food, medical care, education, security, business opportunity, money, etc.
It is also my hope that together we shall identify RADIO APAC’S strengths, weakness challenges and define the way forward.
Necessity to reflect
Prof. Jassy B. Kwesiga, Executive Secretary DENIVA said that “for any organization to grow and expand, it has to reflect on a number of things like looking at the situation you are in, look at where you are going and how to reach there” (The new Vision Wed 16, 1996 at P.10).
Management Commitments
RADIO APAC’S Management Commitments are heavy but achievable with determination, participation and support from you our audience / stakeholders.
Needed Stake holders in puts
I wish to request you to try as much as possible to give your inputs, raise issues that are mutually beneficial and recommend suitable appropriate programmes you would wish to hear on Radio Apac 92.9/106.5 FM.
Improving services and meeting audience tastes.
Information is a resource because it empowers. RADIO APAC is committed to satisfy the needs of the audience it serves in Northern, mid-west and North Eastern Uganda by continuous improvement of its services.
Purpose of the workshop
To familiarize RADIO APAC listeners with the media services being offered by Radio Apac. How you our audiences can maximize the use of this community Radio for issues of common interests and concerns and how to participate in making relevant programmes to our community.
Radio Apac audience survey, 2000
Management of RADIO APAC has circulated audience survey, 2000 form for you our listeners to complete. We hope to get your feed back accordingly. In this workshop facilitated by Mr. Okaka Opio Dokotum we expect you to participate fully to express your views and as organizers we wish to: -
· Create awareness to the people about FM Radio.
· Ask you how the community is to benefit on civic awareness.
· Consult on how literacy and health campaigns programmes, commercial advice and market information, etc can be developed.
· Learn about communication 2 way traffic outgoing and feedback lanes.
Thank you.
Thank you for staying with RADIO APAC 92.9/106.5 FM. Continue to stay tuned.
May I at this point and time have the opportunity to hand over the work of master of ceremony to Mr. Ogwal Tego R.S Director Programmes Radio Apac.