1. Computing Services
    A computer and printer have been acquired to provide the following services :
    • Secretarial: Providing word processing services to the community and related services.
    • Desktop publishing: Providing desktop publishing services to the community and related services.

  2. Communication
    Radio Apac operates a public cellular phone booth installed by MTN providing a link for the community to communicate out of Apac.

  3. Radio broadcasting
    • Radio Programmes: These are radio broadcasts including news, views, and prepared information to the community. These include
      • Educational programming : Distance education programmes for primary schools, secondary schools, and teachers support programmes.
      • Vocational training programmes
      • Adult literacy programmes : Topics that are experienced in day to day living. These include commerce, accounting, and civil society.
      • Health education : Programmes about AIDS awareness, public and personal health and hygiene, family planning, nutrition based on traditional foods and disease prevention.
      • Farming practices : Both traditional and modern. This would touch such issues like pest control, weather patterns and their impact on production, food storage and processing and economic needs of the community on a basis of collaboration and partnership with the community members, community organizations, non-government organizations and international organizations.
      • External Programmes : Radio Apac 92.9 FM is linked with Radio Uganda (Uganda Broadcasting Corporation) and BBC Africa service (British Broadcasting Corporation). We relay programs that are of interest to the community.
    • Advertising: Commercial promotional space for customers.
    • Sponsorship: Sponsoring production of specific programme subjects by organisations or individuals interested in the programmes.

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