About Radio Apac 92.9 FM / 106.5 FM

Radio Apac is an autonomous organisation. It has established its own direction with the support of Commonwealth of Learning and the community members. Radio Apac was a pioneer of the FM radio service in the Lango sub region and enjoys the community's goodwill.
Radio Apac has a sense of mission to fulfil its mandate. We have strong fundamental norms such as concentration on educational programming, a concern for the social economic impact of information broadcast on radio, grass roots participation in programming and high standards of excellence and innovation.
Radio Apac is getting an increase in the proportion of sponsored programmes as our programming attracts non-government organisations and government departments, and an increase in commercial advertising from our catering to the business community.
Radio Apac produces programmes of quality to compete in the market place without compromising its mission. Radio Apac's programmes are bilingual, multi- cultural and multi-ethnic. The programs respond to the social and cultural needs of minority groups and various specialised audiences. We recognise women program producers and other visible minorities in the overall production of programs. Radio Apac has held research workshops to identify the communities broadcast information needs.
Radio Apac's marketing program has exhibited strengths in areas of areas of promotional activities and community networking. The vast majority of Radio Apac clients are satisfied with the marketing program. In addition it is the only mullet-media centre in Apac and therefore enjoys a huge monopoly. Radio Apac has a repository of skills, experience, and a willingness to experiment and have built a tradition of excellence that enables it to play an indispensable service to the public.
In future Radio Apac Ltd. intends to diversify and use film, television, video electronic distribution, new digital media and CDROMS to promote its distribution of information and reach the Apac communities in their homes, schools, businesses and recreation places.
Jimmy Okello and Dorothy K Okello proposed the Radio Project to the Commonwealth of Learning to set up a FM radio station to provide the following services:
  1. Educational broadcasting which is the main focus of the station.
  2. Local news, current affairs and entertainment.
  3. Commercial notices at a nominal fee to support the radios operational costs.

The radio project was implemented by a partnership of The Commonwealth of Learning, ASDI an Apac based local NGO and members of the Apac community. The initial broadcast of the station was over a 40-km radius for the Apac community. With the extension broadcast services he coverage now include Apac, Lira, Gulu, Kitgum, Kaberamaido, Kumi, Soroti, Masindi and parts of Nakasongola. Initial programming was educational including distance education for primary and secondary schools, adult literacy programmes, health education and AIDS awareness, and farming practices. Programming has expanded and is now categorised under Agriculture, Health, Women and Youth, Environment, Business and Governance.

  • Management
    The management of Radio Apac is lead by the board of directors. The executives include the President, Financial Director, Operations Director, Marketing and Sales Director. Other executive positions include Director of Partners, Director Information Communication Technology, Director of Programs and Director General Duties.
    Radio Apac employs a Station Manager who is responsible for the station staffs who include Technicians, Presenters/DJ's, Accounting clerk, Reception/Secretary and Security Guards.

  • Administration
    Radio Apac has Offices in Apac Town Biashara Street, Lira Town White House and Kampala City on Nkrumah Road. Each location follows administrative policies of Radio Apac.
    Computerised accounting and administrative packages are used to support the administrative process. In order for Radio Apac to co-ordinate all administrative functions at all its locations an Internet connection is required. This will enable the main office in Apac to be networked with the Lira and Kampala branches.

  • Customers/Users
    Radio programmes from Radio Apac are demand driven. Radio Apac is highly responsive to the needs of the communities in its target market. Our programming is o f mutual interest to the customers we are targeting that is why they will continue to buy our services in preference to those of the competition.Radio Apac is affiliated with Worldspace (Africa Learning Channel) and British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.Prospective customers are segmented as follows:

    1. Individuals in the community.
    2. Business corporations.
    3. Non government organisations.
    4. Government departments.
    5. International organisations.

  • Operational Activities
    Radio Apac has the incoming and outgoing programmes. The community is encouraged to visit the Radio Apac offices and studio in our incoming programme. In the outgoing programme, Radio Apac reaches out to the community and takes services to their doorsteps using bicycles and mobile radio transmission.
    Radio Apac has Offices in Apac Town Biashara Street, Lira Town White House Hotel and Kampala City on Nkrumah Road. Our staff and representative number over fifteen and are well positioned to cover and serve our target communities.
    Radio Apac is currently renting the premises from which it operates. In future Radio Apac plans to construct its own premises to House the main office, studio and broadcasting operation in Apac town.

  • Progress to Date
    Radio Apac was launched on 17th October 1999 by Hon. Jovino Akaki, Minister of State for Tourism, Trade and Industry, and Member of Parliament for Maruzi county, Apac District. It was the first FM radio station in the Lango sub region and is the only community radio station. The radio equipment, a donation from The Commonwealth of Learning (COL), was installed/commissioned by Mr. David Walker and members of the local community. After installation, reports indicated that the radio broadcasts were received in Akalo, Balla, Ayer, Inomo, Aduku, Nambieso, Cawente, Akokoro, Ibuje, Cegere, Masindi port (Apac Ferry), Aber, Kamdini Trading Center, Loro, Aboke, and Lira town (Lira District). Due to the unprecedented demand for its services, Apac expanded its services by increasing its coverage area to include Apac and Lira, increased its transmission output from 30kw to 40kw, expanded on its production and services to the clients and the communities such as wider subject programming and communication services. The extension was achieved by installing the 106.5 FM rebroadcast unit at Odokomit in Lira District. Radio Apac is now evolving into a community media centre providing multi-media services to the community and customers. Radio Apac enjoys support from the Local NGO's, Government departments and the Private sector.

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