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Programs and Projects

The New Perspectives Fund's work focuses on these program areas:
  • Internet Centre for Women
  • Training Program
  • Economic Opportunities
  • Handicrafts

Internet Centre for Women (Computer and Internet Access for Women)

The Internet Centre for Women is a unique Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Training and Resource Centre for women.

The Internet Centre for Women project provides information and communication technology and multimedia facilities. It helps women to use computers and the Internet more effectively. As part of this project we run monthly training courses.

By emphasising the potential power of ICTs and their role in future economic and social developments, trainees have been able to place their skills within a wider context. One of the key benefits of these new technologies is the speed and simplicity of global communications at low cost.

The New Perspectives Fund has provided a focus for networking among women's groups within Kyrgyzstan. Also we can provide placements in community groups for women with existing computer skills. The facilities of the Internet Center for Women include:

  • 6 workstations
  • Internet Access
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet Software
  • Scanners / Printers
  • Copy machine
  • Library

We have a library facility available to all our trainees, including technical training materials, multimedia materials and information about women's organisations. We also subscribe to a number of computer and multimedia magazines which are available to trainees.


Training Program

Over the last three years, the range and variety of training provided at the New Perspectives Fund has grown and developed, offering a progressive route for women from basic ICT awareness to advanced level ICT skills. Throughout our training program we have continued to adhere to our high standards of training delivery, offering 'women-friendly' courses in a supportive environment that includes building confidence and motivation as well as developing skills in ICTs. Our flexible approach to learning is a major key to our success as is our commitment to training in small groups allowing us to offer high quality training in an atmosphere conducive to learning. This program will help change women's attitude to the use of information. They'll be taught how to use this information in a more effective way and to use the received information for realization of their rights and solution of women's issues.

From the outset a fundamental policy of the New Perspectives Fund has been to provide access to training and resources for ALL women. As such it has established Equal Opportunities policies and practices which ensure that women from the most disadvantaged backgrounds benefit from their courses. The trainee interviews are used to monitor equal opportunities practice and ensure that disabled women, women from ethnic minorities and women with little or no formal training or education are successfully accessing the training on offer.

Economic Opportunities

The New Perspectives Fund has a long history of improving and creating economic opportunities for women in Kyrgyzstan. Too often, low-income women lack the resources and training they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. This is where the New Perspectives Fund steps in, with a program dedicated to job training of low-income women and helping women to achieve economic self-sufficiency. The program's goal is to reduce the number of unemployed women through job skills training, employment and vacancies-related information provision and job placement. The program foresees the establishment of training courses for disadvantaged unemployed women and the empowerment of these women with the skills, knowledge and experience they need for job placement and overcoming poverty.



Building on our long standing partnership with women's organizations, we adapted and developed a new project known as ICT for Women in the Handicraft Industry. It has been opening up new opportunities for women in this burgeoning sector. The products you see here come from various groups in different regions of Kyrgyzstan. Many of the have limited opportunities to promote or sell their products. The New Perspectives Fund supports these groups by offering them ICT opportunities.

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