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New Perspectives Fund
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The New Perspectives Fund is a not-for-profit organization. The Fund has been registered in the Ministry of Justice of Kyrgyzstan on March 17, 1999. Our charitable number is 490-3301-PF. Actually, our Fund was started in September 1998 via opening free computer courses for women.

Interregional Public Fund "New Perspectives" is administered by a Board of Directors which makes decisions on all aspects of our work. A staff conducts the day-to-day operations of the Fund.

The New Perspectives Fund's staff is skilled in gender and legal issues, financial management and taxation, computer technology, social marketing and mass media. They strive to promote ideas and support female progressive movement.

An Advisory Council helps the staff and Board in project design and provides advice and consulting services on other aspects of our work. Our volunteers are women who provide communications with female organisations and assist in implementation of our projects . They operate throughout Kyrgyzstan.


We develop projects and provide education and skills training for women in Kyrgyzstan with a particular focus on Information and Communication Technologies and Multimedia.

We help women to find employment by providing education, training, counseling and advice.

We provide access for women to use new technologies .

We offer women access to the skills and support required to develop their own businesses, increasing the self-employment opportunities for women.

Using the ICT facilities, women have the opportunity to access information, which is empowering and enables them to make more informed choices about their lives.

Using ICT skills, women communicate with other women locally and internationally and develop their own projects that respond to the needs of women.

Over the last three years the New Perspectives Fund has provided support and training to well over a hundred women in Kyrgyzstan.

The Future

During 1999-2001 we developed and expanded our programs and training provision to include IT courses. Following our successful local partnerships in 1999-2001, we will also be working to develop more links with local community organisations, to encourage and enable women from socially excluded communities to access ICT training and resources. We will be starting a new project to support networking between women in small businesses. The Women's Resource Centre continues to be our long-term vision, and the next two years will see a concerted effort to achieve this.