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Mission Statement

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Working with the local communities, encourage and expand their own community development, creation and growth of grassroots development inititates that are sensitive and responsive to the economic and social development needs of the urban and rural poor through this philosphy "the collective survival of the rural poor, against the selective survival of the fittest."

Recent News

During the period in review MAPKIN received support in cash and in kind from several donors.

MAPKIN during the last year received a grant in cash from the following donors to realize specific projects as earmarked.
1- GERMAN EMBASSY: In the year 2002 we received a non refundable grant of 4 570 000 Frs. CFA (6.967 Euro) for the purchase of a Kernel oil crusher and accessories.
2- MIVA NETHERLANDS: In the course of the same year 2002, Miva Netherlands made available to us a non refundable grant of 11 970 Euro for the purchase of a pick-up motor vehicle to facilitate the transportation of raw materials to the factory and finished products to the market respectively.
3- MIVA SWITZERLAND: In January 2003, MIVA Switzerland also came to our assistance with non-refundable grant of 10 000 Euro for the purchase of computers and accessories for the creation of an Information and communication Technology Centre in Mamfe.
4- BOOKAID INTERNATIONAL- BRITAIN donated some 600-text books of appropriate and different titles.

(b) NEWS:
- His Excellency the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cameroon on the 11th of March 2004 inaugurated a Kernel oil Press at the premises of MAPKIN-SHO, donated by the German Federal Ministry of Finance and Economic cooperation (BMZ).

- 2oth March 2004, MAPKIN-SHO launched an Information and Communication Technology(ICT) Centre in Mamfe sponsored by MIVA Switzerland.

- MAPKIN-SHO recently discovered a new form of organic manure called KERNCHAV. Kernchav is used for off season farming especially for the cultivation of vegetables, maize, beans etc.

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