Learning and Development Kenya has instituted a number of initiatives in an effort to reduce poverty in targeted communities. Projects include:
  • Child Sponsorship Programme (CSP)
  • Group Sponsorship Programme (GSP)
  • Youth Sponsorship Programme (YSP)
  • Sports /Cultural activities Programme
  • Micro Credit Programme
  • HIV/AIDS Programme
  • Water and Sanitation Project
  • Environmental Protection Programme
Contact: Philip Ndeta
Director LDK
P.O. Box 13808
Nakuru - 20100, Kenya
Tel. 254 51 221 2557
Fax: 254 51 216232
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Through individual sponsorship, sponsored children are provided with the basic needs especially educational needs. Above are some of the 225 sponsored children in the program who benefited from a school uniform, shoes, socks and three text books of Math, English, and Kiswahili during 2004. This has been possible through sponsorship funds of 240 USD per year ($20 per month) from inidividual sponsors. The school bags were a donation from Crossroads International, Hong Kong.
Learning and Development Kenya (LDK) is mobilizing all of its available resources to provide the basic needs (food, shelter, education and medical care) for the children of the street, orphans and children from very poor families who have been devastated by AIDS.

LDK is committed to the empowerment of women and girls as a proactive strategy in minimizing the impact of AIDS. Girls are especially at risk. According to the report, In the Shadow of Death, issued by the Human Rights Watch, the rate of AIDS for girls and young women between the ages of fifteen and nineteen is six times as high than that of their male counterparts. LDK is implementing programs in education to develop social and economic viability for the future of women in Kenya.
LDK organized counselling centers and workshops for the youth age 14 to 30 years old, in Rhonda slums with a view to sensitizing them to the spread of HIV and AIDS. Seminars are organized in collaboration with local leaders and aim at prevention of HIV/AIDS and the promotion of sustainable behavioral change among youth.
So far 60 orphans are enrolled in the home at the Virginia M. Buena Center for the Needy and are now accessible to basic needs especially food, shelter, education and medical care. Above is a group photo of the children currently living in the home, taken with some of their visiting sponsors.