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Contact: Philip Ndeta
Director LDK
P.O. Box 13808
Nakuru - 20100, Kenya
Tel. 254 51 221 2557
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The above photo shows an ongoing construction of a dining hall/kitchen, vocation training center and a resource center for HIV/AIDS information. Its completion will facility implementation of vocational training courses in knitting, tailoring, capentry and computer for vulnerable youth in Rhonda slums. Leben and Lernen in Kenia e.V. LDK's German partner has funded its contruction to the current level. Further donations will ensure its timely completion. We highly appreciate and value any donation received to assist in the implementation of our projects. Every child has the right to cry and be heard, and be comforted. Help us to comfort the crying, needy children in Rhonda slums - Nakuru, Kenya.
Everyone has the opportunity to help the most needy by donating to a project of his/her choice. It doesn't matter how much or how little.Your donation is highly valued and can help:
  • a woman in Kenya buy vegetables from a farmer to sale at the market
  • a woman to expand her small business internationally through the use of the Internet
  • support an Environmental Protection Programme
  • support a nutritious meal for orphaned and other vulnerable children every school day
  • sponsor an HIV and AIDS awareness workshop for the most reproductive age group in Rhonda slums
  • windows, doors, iron sheets, nails, roofing timber etc. for the home under construction
  • beds, bed sheets, blankets, mattresses etc. for the children in the home
  • support construction of a water tank for clean water for children in the home

At the local level LDK strives to work closely with with private sector with a view to meeting the immediate basic nees of the orphans and other vulnerable children. Above: Staff of Kenya Commercial Bank donates food to the ophans during their visit to the home at the Virginia M. Buena Memorial Center for the Needy during the Bank's community work on December 02, 2004. They also donated construction materials to assist with the ongoing construction of the dining hall/kitchen, vocational training center and HIV/AIDS resource center.
Individuals can also sponsor a child enrolled in LDK's programme with $195 a year and become part of the child's growing process and thus contribute to changing the child's life. Organizations can partner with LDK and implement specific projects together. LDK has sufficient capacity to implement its ongoing programmes.
*Make Check or Money Order Payable to:
Learning and Development Kenya
P.O. Box 13808
all gifts will be acknowledged