The Feeding Program enables 460 orphans and vulnerable children to receive a warm meal every school day. This program has been supported by individuals who have preferred to celebrate their annual birthdays with the needy children at the Buena Center for the Needy through our "Clean Your Plate" message.
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Director LDK
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Nakuru - 20100, Kenya
Tel. 254 51 221 2557
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Above: Children saying grace just before they start eating their delicious meal. This was made possible through a donation from someone who was celebrating her birthday . The children shared with her the joy that this important day brings to her life.
The Mission of Learning Development Kenya (LDK)
LDK is a national non-governmental and non-sectarian development organization founded in June, 1998. Its mission is to respond to the needs of communities and its children, with a primary objective of improving the quality of life of those in need, as defined with words such as extreme poverty, destitution, oppression, deprivation and austerity.

The following principles underlie the work of Learning and Development Kenya within its defined area of operation:
  • Involvement in the educational attainment of children from very poor communities (especially girls) to ensure an equitable and quality education for all children;
  • To expedite the pace for social and economic change that reinforces Kenya's investment in national information and communications technology (ICT) that can offer unprecedented opportunity for small business development in both urban and rural regions;
  • Commitment to work with those who are vulnerable and marginalized by the devastating impact of AIDS;
  • The recognition of the need to subject all aspects of LDK's programs to gender analysis aimed at protecting and promoting the interests of women;
  • The promotion of accountability and social organization as a means to encourage the strengthening of institutions involved in family and community development;
  • The development of major long term projects which take a proactive approach in providing the most promising opportunity to positively impact society.