InterConnection FAQ

Q: What is InterConnection?

Q: Why should I donate my laptop to InterConnection?

Q: I am outside of the United States. Can I still donate my computer?

Q: I want to help, but I don’t have a laptop to donate at this time. What are my options?

Q: Does InterConnection accept both business and personal laptops?

Q: Can I donate more than one laptop? What if I want to send all my business surplus laptops?

Q: How should I package and ship my laptop to help make sure it gets to InterConnection without being damaged?

Q: Why won’t InterConnection take my desktop computer, monitor, printer, or other electronics? Don’t nonprofit organizations and underserved communities around the world need those too? The InterConnection web site says that these are accepted items.

Q: Is my laptop too old to be reused?

Q: Will my data get destroyed?

Q: What happens to laptops that can’t be reused?

Q: Should I include the manuals, software CDs or disks?  What if there is still software installed on my laptop?

Q: What should I include with my donated laptop?

Q: Am I charged if my computer gets recycled?

Q: Can I get a tax deduction receipt from InterConnection when I donate my laptop?

Q: Where will my donated laptop go?

Q: I want my donated laptop to go to my favorite school or nonprofit organization. Can I request a specific recipient?

Q: Why does the InterConnection web site show that you are charging people for laptops if I am donating it?

Q: My question isn't listed — whom can I contact?