Secure and Efficient Logistics

Secure and Efficient Logistics


InterConnection makes logistics easy. We pick up nationwide and can provide 72 hour turnaround from the time you give us a call. We pride ourselves in providing you with a fast, secure pick-up that you can depend on.

Managing the collection and tracking of retired IT assets to their final destination, is often times overlooked by companies. This can be detrimental, allowing a business to be vulnerable to data breaches and unwanted fines and publicity if the equipment is improperly disposed of.

InterConnection’s secure and efficient logistics provides tracking on the final disposition of every asset, ensuring the IT asset’s lifecycle is accurately accounted for. We have invested in developing a meticulous and rigid Chain-of-Custody process which provides transparent evidence of our processes and significantly reduces your liability.     

Learn more about our Chain of Custody Processes: Chain of Custody Overview (PDF)


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