Reuse and Recycling

Reuse and Recycling

According to the EPA, in 2012 the United States generated 3.4 million tons of e-waste. Of this amount only 29.2% was recycled with the rest ending up in the garbage, where toxic metals leach out and contaminate our rivers and streams. This is why reuse is key. With 74% of computers sold for business use, it is up to companies like you to make a difference in the world by identifying an ITAD vendor who effectively reuses your retired IT assets.  Charitable reuse and responsible recycling is InterConnection’s central focus.   

We help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, by breathing new life into computers which might have otherwise ended up in the landfill. InterConnection specializes in electronics refurbishment and is a certified R2 and ISO: 14001 electronics recycler. Working with prominent businesses around the country, each month we receive thousands of corporate donations.

Every computer or laptop received is thoroughly examined to determine if it can be effectively refurbished and top of the line data destruction is performed. The equipment that can be reused is refurbished and back into the world in no time providing a lifeline to people in need. With a mission focused on helping underserved communities gain access to vital technology, InterConnection refurbishes the IT equipment, making it available at a deep discount to low-income families and other nonprofits.

If it cannot be refurbished or your contract specifies no refurbishment, then it is recycled, where the valuable materials will be used to make new products someday. Rest assured it will never end up in a landfill or be illegally exported overseas.


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Every month, more than 400 low income families and 150 nonprofits benefit from donations received by InterConnection. Learn More




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By responsibly recycling your used electronics, you are helping to protect our environment, while giving back to the global community. Learn More