On-Site Data Destruction

On-Site Data Destruction

InterConnection understands the strict corporate data destruction policies that must be followed for many companies, which is why we offer On-site Data Destruction.


Onsite Certified Hard Drive Wiping

InterConnection provides On-site Certified Hard Drive Wiping, wiping up to 30 computers on-site at a time. Our mobile wipe rack can be delivered to any business, while a trained technician will arrive on-site to wipe the drives for you. A certified erasure report is generated for each computer. InterConnection’s On-Site Certified Hard Drive Wiping processes and software are compliant with DOD, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, FACT ACT and GLBA, which has earned us the trust of numerous banks, hospitals, and government agencies.


Onsite Hard Drive Destruction

InterConnection also has the capabilities to destroy your hard drives on-site. Our specialized machine designed with a conical punch inside is portable, allowing for easy transport to your place of business. The hard drives are removed from the computers and then placed inside the machine where the conical punch delivers a staggering 12,000 pounds of hydraulic force, causing catastrophic trauma to the hard drive’s chassis, destroying its internal platter.

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