Mobile Services

Mobile Services

InterConnection offers auditable and certified data erasure for smartphones and tablets. Simply restoring factory settings does not ensure that data is permanently destroyed. We provide companies with a secure, cost effective, environmentally sound solution to managing your retired mobile devices. All user data is permanently erased, facilitating safe reuse or decommissioning of the phone. The auditable reports allow companies to comply with industry standards such as FISMA, HIPPA, SOX, FACT, ACT, GLBA and others.

InterConnection, an R2 and ISO:14001 certified electronics refurbisher, will come pick up your corporate cell phones, tablets and other IT assets at your convenience. Businesses can also send the mobile devices by mail to our secure facility. All equipment is tagged and tracked as soon as it is received. We offer detailed tracking reports for every donation.  

Why InterConnection?


  • Every device undergoes extensive data destruction

  • Data destruction in compliance with FISMA, HIPPA, SOX, FACT, ACT, GLBA and others, is available.  

  • Devices are refurbished for charitable reuse or responsibly recycled

  • Great way to showcase corporate social responsibility

  • Receive a tax deductible receipt for all donations


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