Choosing Your IT Asset Partner

We Are Not Your Average IT Asset Partner

Our team of certified IT Asset Disposition specialists guide more than 1500 companies through ITAD projects every year. With more than 15 years of experience, we understand that every business is different and we can tailor processes for your specific needs.

We are committed to protecting your brand, the environment and developing zero-cost solutions that benefit our communities. Please read the below for a few good tips on what to look for in an IT Asset Dsiposition partner.


Ask & Verify: Look for R2 Certification

One of the most important things, if not the most important, is to make sure your IT Asset Disposition partner is an organization certified in R2 electronics recycling. R2 certified organizations, as well as their downstream vendors, must comply with all international laws and legal requirements regarding environmental protection, worker health and safety, and export of reusable electronic equipment. The R2 standard also requires protection of your data including confidential and personally identifiable information on electronic devices and must adhere to the top industry standards for data destruction.

Always ask and verify that your IT Asset Partner is R2 certified. Many companies claim to be R2, but lack certification. Any reputable R2 certified organization will not have a problem sending you a copy of their certification upon request.


Knowledgeable Team Members

Search for an ITAD partner that has knowledgeable team members. The IT Asset professionals you work with should be able to provide information regarding secure processes and data destruction methods, logistics costs, and reuse yield information, while accommodating your distinct needs.    

At InterConnection, all of our ITAD staff pursue certifications in IT asset management, disposition, data destruction process, secure logistics and information technology. We do this, not because we have to, but because we strive to provide you with the absolute best service possible.


We Put Your Brand and Security Above Everything Else

Keeping your data secure and protecting your brand is our number one priority. We understand that trusting an outside vendor with your company’s IT assets can be an unnerving decision. We want you to feel confident, knowing your data is secure and that we are providing best practice solutions for your ITAD needs.At InterConnection we believe in transparency, which is why we encourage you to come visit our facility and speak to one of our ITAD certified specialists. Earning the respect of Fortune 500s like Microsoft, CenturyLink and Alaska Airlines, InterConnection has proven trustworthy and continues to build on this reputation by offering continuous protection to thousands of companies each year.


Your Assets Will Change Lives

InterConnection is a nonprofit organization with a mission to connect nonprofits and underserved individuals around the world to affordable technology in order to succeed in today's world. Each month InterConnection ships computers to over 400 different nonprofit orgnaizations and low-income families across the country.

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We are a NAID Member

InterConnection holds a membership with The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Our NAID membership is just one more reason you can rest assured knowing your data is being properly destroyed.

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