IT Asset Reporting

IT Asset Reporting

InterConnection strives to meet all of your IT Asset Disposition reporting needs. We specialize in itemized asset reports to ensure your company is in compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies. These itemized reports can be as detailed as needed thanks to our industry leading software and inventory tools, we customize solutions and reports for companies from all sectors.

Auditable Processes and Reports

Want to know the environmental impact you are making by keeping your retired IT assets out of the landfill? We can help you with that too. InterConnection can provide you with environmental reports regarding your donated assets as well as the social impact reuse makes. Every reusable computer serves an average of 7 users, most of whom represent the underserved populations.  

Reports at a Glance:

  • Asset Reports

Basic Asset Report

Itemized Asset Report

Data Destruction Report

Certificate of Data Destruction

Weights by Asset Type

Asset Count Report

  • Environmental Impact Report
  • Social Impact Report


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Sample Reports:


    -Basic Audit Report


    -Hard Drive Report


    -Receiving Report


    -Certificate of

     Data Destruction