Hard Drive Reuse

Hard Drive Reuse

Prior to reuse every hard drive is wiped in compliance with DOD standards to ensure that any existing data is destroyed. By wiping a hard drive, instead of crushing it, we are able to reuse the hard drive during our refurbishment process. Once wiped, every hard drive must undergo a SMART Test. The hard drive must pass the SMART Test with a score of 99% or better in order to be approved for further use.    


As a certified electronics refurbisher and a nonprofit organization who champions the environment, we take hard drive reuse very seriously. It is 20x greener to reuse a computer, than to manufacture a new one. 80% of a computer’s lifetime energy use is consumed during the manufacturing process.


Not only is reusing hard drives better for the environment, it plays a key role in our charitable refurbishment process. By reusing hard drives, it cuts down on refurbishment costs, makes it possible for us to provide communications equipment for disaster relief in times of crisis and to be able to award over 50 computers a quarter through our nonprofit computer grant program. It also allows InterConnection to be able to offer more affordable prices to nonprofits, students and low income families and individuals in underserved communities nationwide and around the world.


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