Hard Drive Recycling

Hard Drive Recycling

Compliance is imperative, that's why we make sure every single drive undergoes data destruction according to the terms in your contract. Our focus is reuse and we constantly work on increasing the yield we get from hard drives. When we receive your hard drive it goes through our discovery and triage process to identify whether your hard drives can be reused. If they are deemed unusable, the hard drives will be recycled. Your hard drive is then sent to one of our R2 certified downstream vendors, where your hard drives will be shredded. Our R2 certified downstream vendors are required to follow the same strict standards as InterConnection and are vetted annually to ensure they are compliant.

After your hard drives are shredded, any metals will be sorted and recovered for reuse. These valuable metals are reused to help make new products, lessening the environmental impact of manufacturing new products.

By donating your hard drive to InterConnection, you can rest easy knowing your information is safe and your hard drive will not end up in a landfill, contaminating our environment.       

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