Downstream Vendors

Downstream Vendors

As an R2 certified electronics refurbisher, InterConnection only works with downstream recyclers who are compliant with R2 focus materials handling. The R2 certification is an assurance to our customers that we refrain from illegally exporting materials and follow the utmost standards for operations and safety, accountability, data security, environmental responsibility, and tracking our electronic waste to its final destination. R2 certification also means that our downstream vendors must meet the same stringent requirements as we do.

R2 certifies that InterConnection and our vendors are constantly meeting the absolute highest standards for electronics recycling and reuse. Thanks to the R2 certification you can be assured that no part of your IT Assets will end up in the landfill or exported overseas. All of our downstream vendors are vetted annually for compliance and are audited to verify they are compliant with R2 standards.    


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