Compliance and Requirements

Compliance and Requirements

The U.S. has various regulations regarding how to handle data in order to protect private information from being inappropriately accessed. These regulations help deter data breaches from happening and the disastrous consequences that can follow such as facing significant fines, penalties and extensive brand image issues.   

When entrusting an IT Asset Disposition vendor with your data, it is absolutely necessary to confirm that the vendor will handle your IT assets in compliance with the privacy protocols your business is required to adhere to. Many corporations have their own set of demands to follow, but organizations like schools, hospitals, banks and government agencies have a much more stringent set of mandatory compliance measures.

InterConnection is in compliance with numerous state and federal regulations including:

    DoD – Department of Defense 5220.22-M

    NIST –National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-88

    HIPAA –Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act   

    FACTA –Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act  

    SOX –Sarbanes –Oxley Act  

    GLBA –Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act