Charitable Reuse

Charitable Reuse

When you choose InterConnection as your IT Asset Disposition service you are making a choice to give back to those in need. Unlike other ITAD providers InterConnection is a 501c3 nonprofit with a focus on charitable reuse. Our mission is to make technology accessible to underserved communities around the world. We accomplish this mission thanks to the thousands of computer donations we receive monthly from corporate donors like you. Your computers will serve as a tool of empowerment and provide hope to underserved individuals who lack access to the technology that is so imperative to thrive in today’s world.

Our Focus Areas:

Low-income Families and Students – We offer laptops and desktops to low-income families and students at cost.

Nonprofit Organizations– Every month, more than 150 nonprofits receive computers from InterConnection.

Schools & Libraries– Donations to InterConnection helps us cut the average cost of setting up a computer lab in a school, library or community center by over 70%.

Disaster Relief – InterConnection works with organizations such as NetHope, World Vision, and Microsoft Community Affairs, when natural disasters strike around the world in order to get their nonprofit IT infrastructure up and running locally.

Computer Grants – InterConnection donates high-quality refurbished equipment to eligible nonprofits every quarter.



Impact Stories


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InterConnection Laptops in Mozambique


InterConnection Awards 100 Computers to 12 Deserving Nonprofit Organizations


InterConnection is a nonprofit organization with a mission to connect nonprofits and underserved individuals around the world to affordable technology in order to succeed in today's world. Each month InterConnection ships computers to over 400 different nonprofit orgnaizations and low-income families across the country.

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