Charitable Reuse & Responsible Recycling

Charitable Reuse & Responsible Recycling

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization InterConnection’s mission is to make information and communication technology accessible to underserved communities around the world. Every electronic donated to InterConnection, from both corporate donors and individuals, helps further our mission through charitable reuse and responsible recycling.

Charitable Reuse


As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, InterConnection’s main focus is reuse first and foremost. By reusing what we can first and then responsibly recycling, the computer can go on to serve another purpose, making a difference in someone’s life. Many people across the globe including the United States, lack the necessary technology to thrive in today’s technology driven world. By refurbishing old computers, production costs are decreased, allowing us to provide low income families, students and nonprofits with high quality technology at a deeply discounted price. InterConnection is responsible for helping over 300,000 people get connected to the technology they need through our charitable reuse programs.   

Responsible Recycling


As an R2 and ISO:14001 certified organization, it is clear that we genuinely care about keeping our earth as green as possible. InterConnection concentrates on reuse, however to our dismay, not everything can be reused. Items that are unfit to be refurbished are responsibly recycled. Only 25% of consumer electronics are responsibly recycled with the remainder ending up mostly in our landfills, with toxic chemicals leaching out and contaminating our rivers and streams. When you donate to InterConnection your electronics will never end up in a landfill or be illegally exported overseas. All of our downstream vendors are R2 certified, which means they must adhere to the same rigorous regulations and standards that InterConnection does. In 2014, InterConnection prevented over 1.2 million pounds of electronics from being discarded irresponsibly, helping to greatly reduce society’s carbon footprint.


  Charitable Reuse Programs:

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     -Low-Income Store

     -Online Store

     -Seattle Retail Store


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