InterConnection is the only nonprofit provider of refurbished computers for TechSoup in the U.S.

TechSoup is the leading distributor of technology products to nonprofit organizations in the U.S.  TechSoup chose InterConnection to join its Refurbished Computer Initiative to provide computers to nonprofits in all 50 states.  Computers purchased from the TechSoup website often come from InterConnection.  This fulfillment partnership helps close the gap between corporations with surplus computers and nonprofits in need of technology assets.

TechSoup chose InterConnection because of the quality of their refurbished computers and their capacity to distribution computers at a national level.

TechSoup ( is the technology Web site for nonprofits created by CompuMentor ( Each month, TechSoup receives more than 400,000 visits from people who are looking for nonprofit tech know-how to achieve their missions.