Current Project

Academic Resource Centre (AREC)

  • It is a community library useable by 06 secondary schools, 02 professional institutions and 04 universities in a rural suburb of Bamenda town, North West Province of Cameroon, Central Africa.
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Action Health Cameroon (AHC)

  • This project is targeting needy children,
    needy mothers, teenagers, youths and needy health
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Trees are life project (TAL)

  • It is a project for environmental education
    and planting of shade trees by the schooling youths.
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Bee farming training (BFT)

  • It is a project assisting rural unemployed
    youths on honey production, for self-employment and
    revenue generating.
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Agriculture training in secondary schools (ATS)

  • It is a project targeting student/teachers
    and students in secondary school, for an initiation
    for agricultural production , urban agriculture
    ,agro-forestry and environmental protection.
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S.O.S. Needy adolescents(SNA)

  • To provide an opportunity to this categoryof children to learn a petit trade and become
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Future Projects

Community Youth Centre for Computer and Internet Education (CYCCIE)

  • Computers, their peripherals and software's are very expensive in Africa and in Cameroon in particular. Learn More>>

Needy children centre (NECC)

  • Since 1990 they have been regular tribal wars
    between some villages in the North West Province of
    Cameroon bringing families to leave their respective
    villages and settle in Bamenda, the provincial
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Computer and Internet literacy in schools (CILS)

  • Nature of the problem: Schooling youths of Cameroon in general and of the NorthWest province in particular do not have access to modern information technologies and the word of knowledge this convey.
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Books for Education -Cameroon (BOFEC)

  • Nature of the problem: Books are very expensive here in Cameroon. Many youths in schools ,college and universities are from very poor families and do not easily access to books (academic or general reading)
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Rural adolescents and sustainable development

  • Nature of problem: In most of the rural communities in Cameroon, there is an increasing population of unemployed youths/adolescents with no hope for future.
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