1. Institutional support
International Children's Foundation shall move more steps forwards if the organization can receive a donation of the following items:

(a) Means of transport

4x4 wheel drive vehicle for field work (contact of needy families, contact with street children, support for training projects and follow-up of our various projects)

02 motorcycles: they shall be used for health education in schools

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(b) Second hand office furniture

100 table (some of the tables shall be used at the community youth centre for Computer and Internet Education (CYCCIE) mentioned above.

1000 chairs (some of the chairs shall be used at the community youth centre for Computer and Internet Education (CYCCIE) mentioned above.

30 cupboards

(c) Secretariat equipment:
The following items are of a vary vital importance for ICF, due to its enormous activities:

03 Pentium III computer and peripherals
(monitors, keyboards, printers and scanners)

02 photocopy machines

01 binding machine

(d) Audio-visual equipment:

01 video camera for health education and street children follow-up

02 TV screen (for health education)

02 video decks (for health education

02 DVD decks (for health education)

Educational CD-rows

Corporate entities, foundations, organization or willing individuals' partial contributions to this project are welcomed.

2. Needy children supports in Cameroon (NCS)


medical equipment for Needy children health units

medical drugs for Needy children and women

computers to share in schools

Books for sharing in schools

Food for needy children

seeds for training and settling of rural adolescents


Children's games

4x4 wheel drive vehicle for our field work

Donation of a bus to carry schooling NeedyChildren to and back from school in Bamenda town.

Will donations to International Children's Foundation (ICF) for the following projects

The needy chidden centre (NECC)

Foster parenting of needy children. Updated pictures:

Vocational training for street adolescents and for drooped out-of-school adolescents

Mother-girls Vocational Training

Needy children care units

Computer and Internet literacy in Cameroon

Potable water in rural school

For more details, contact: icfcam@yahoo.com

O Financial grants for the training of the rural adolescents dropped out of school in the North West Province of Cameroon.

Title of the project: RASD
Location: Mbamuka (Ndop) North West Province
Target group: Rural adolescents dropped out of school
Objectives: To train these adolescents for poultry production (eggs & meat)
Duration of the training: 06 months in 10 sequences
Total cost: 10 000 US $

Of financial grant: to use in building 08 classrooms in needy schools of West and North West Provinces (02
in big Babanki , 03 in Kouoptamo, 02 in Makon)
Cost/classroom = 10.000 US $

Your partial contribution is very welcomed
Partial contribution_____________________ US $ in ICF
bank account No. 10-50.0092 Amity Bank
P.O. Box 2171 Bamenda-Cameroon
- Fax (237) 336 36 59
- ICF address: P.O. Box 5090 Bamenda-Cameroon for
money transfer through Western Union money
For more details, contact ifcam@yahoo.com
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Reception port:
Recipients for sharing: ifcam@yahoo.com


Dear potential partners, we all know that children are the future of any nation and when a community do not have an opportunity to upkeep this group to a minimum standard because of poverty, they are condemned to become Needy individuals. We stand for a better tomorrow for needy children in Cameroon. That is why we call on your generosity and together, lets make their development a challenge to overcome this approach to assist Cameroonians needy children online shall be made through online fundraising and grants sent to icfcam@yahoo.com
ICF bank account: 10-50 0092 Amity bank P.O. Box 2171
Bamenda Cameroon Fax (237) 336 36 59

The project for online fundraising is:

Title: Needy children centre (NECC)

Objectives: To serve as a secured and lovely home for Needy children (NECC/Home)

To facilitate a foster parenting or adoption of needy children

To save as an interface between ICF, the child's family of origin and the government, through the Ministry of social welfare.

To maintain a sustainable vocational training centre for destitute adolescents and out-of-school youths (NECC/VTC) (fields to undertake: Tailoring, wood work and home furniture, domesticelectrification, plumbing, computer technologies domestic painting, and poultry production.

Target population

Needy under five (abandoned under five, orphans or children from very poor families)

Street children

Destitute adolescents and out-of-school youths


Land already available 2 ha in a very closed suburb of Bamenda town

Cost of the project: 73 143 US $ for the construction of the Needy Children's Home

Start of the project: May 2002.

Fundraising starts right now!

Donor or fundraiser
Amount donated:
Postal address:
E-mail address

Funds raised can be transferred to ICF via its bank
account No. 10-50 0092 Amity Bank, Bamenda Branch, Fax
(237) or through western union.
Our address is P.O. Box 50 90 Bamenda Cameroon
Mobile phone (237) 982 29 09 and from 26/10/2001 (237)
982 29 09

E-mail icfcam@yahoo.com each contributor of this
project shall be listed on our Honour Roll of Donor.
The honour Roll of Donor shall respect the degree of
participating of each contributor. The list shall be
updated regularly since one can contribute as many
times as possible. International children's foundation
thanks in advance the following for their financial
contribution towards the success of the NECC project:
-Cinema stars,
-Music stars,
-Football stars,
-Local communities (councils)

Honour Roll of Donor for the NECC project:

Becoming a patron of International Children Foundation
(ICF) is a great humanitarian decision aiming to:

Advocate for an adequate development of needy
children in Cameroon.

To lobby for more members to the

To regularly contribute for Projects that can
be studied and presented for funding.

To organize fundraising for ICF projects.
This can be done online or in your own community
through concerts, humanitarian football matches,
auction sales, gala nights, telephone.

A patron is automatically an honorary member

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Send your registration to: icfcam@yahoo.com
Each patron can advertise his/her product(s) on the space provided the purpose (see EVENTS)