International Children Foundation (ICF) is a NGO based in Cameroon, central Africa, created in 1996, to support needy children and their mothers, for a sustainable development.

Organization's profile:

Non-profit, philanthropic, apolitical, humanitarian

Areas of interest:

  • Support for foster parenting of needy children
  • Support to health care of needy children
  • Support for education in Cameroon
  • Support for a positive social integration of needy adolescents
  • Support for a supply of potable water in needy schools
  • Support for environmental education in schools
  • Conduct of researches on children, women and families social status in Cameroon
  • Dissemination of information on the child, woman and family in Cameroon

Target group:

  • Street children
  • Orphans
  • Abandoned children
  • Mother-girls
  • Needy Adolescents
  • For more details, go to about us



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