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Who We Have Helped

Your donation helps non-governmental organizations around the world by providing high-quality refurbished desktop and laptop computers, creating opportunity through computer reuse.


Impact News

  • InterConnection Awards Computer Grant to Stonewall Youth - Stonewall Youth was awarded a Spring quarter computer grant from InterConnection providing 2 desktop computers, 2 monitors and 1 laptop, impacting over 200 youth a year; acting as a tool of empowerment and communication Each quarter InterConnection offe... more »
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  • InterConnection Awards Computer Grant to Hope Creek Charitable Foundation - The Hope Creek Charitable Foundation was awarded a spring quarter grant from InterConnection providing 2 desktop computers, 2 monitors and 2 laptops impacting 150 volunteers and more than 500 people in need each month. Each quarter InterConnection offers ... more »
  • InterConnection Awards Computer Grant to Renton Youth Advocacy Center - The Renton Youth Advocacy Center received a spring quarter grant from InterConnection providing 2 desktop computers, 2 monitors and 5 laptops impacting almost 200 teenagers, with 4 or 5 students each day using the equipment. ... more »
  • Oso Landslide Victims Receive Donated Laptops from InterConnection - InterConnection donated three laptops to North Counties Family Services in Darrington to aid with the mudslide relief efforts. The laptops will be used by volunteers to collect information from people impacted by the disaster and keep track of aid distri... more »
  • InterConnection Donated a Full MultiPoint Computer Lab to the Public Pilot Library of Medellín - At the beginning of the year, InterConnection donated a 5-seat Multipoint Server System to the Public Pilot Library of Medellín for Latin America (Biblioteca Pública Piloto de Medellín para América Latina), Colombia. ... more »
  • MultiPoint Computer Lab donated to Escuela Agrícola San Pedro - In February InterConnection’s director, and María Eugenia Gallitelli, Latin America Outreach manager, traveled to San Pedro de Ycuamandiyu in Paraguay to personally donate a five seat Multipoint Server System to the Escuela Agrícola de San Pedro... more »
  • Boeing 747 Restoration Project - InterConnection donated parts to the Museum of Flight in Seattle to help restore the first 747 ever built. ... more »
  • InterConnection supports Local Job Creation and Training. - InterConnection donated computer equipment valued at $7,000 to the Work Force Development Center (WFDC). The computers will be used to support their new machine shop facility in Mukilteo and provide classroom training to youth from across the Puget Sound ... more »
  • NEW SMART PHONE & TABLET CERTIFIED DATA WIPE SERVICE - Smart phones and tablets are like computers, they store sensitive personal information including phone number, texts, photos, and contacts. This data must be securely destroyed before the device is reused which is why InterConnection launched a smart phon... more »
  • Happy New Year 2013 - Thank you for all your support. You helped make 2013 full of accomplishments, activities and growth. With your help, we have shipped more than 5,000 computers to organizations and underserved communities in need of technology. Over 1600 nonprofits receiv... more »

Focus Areas


Low-income families and students - we offer laptops and desktops to low-income families and students at at-cost prices.

Nonprofit organizations - Every month, more than 80 nonprofits receive computers from InterConnection.

Schools & Libraries - Donations to InterConnection helps us cut the average cost of setting up a computer lab in a school, library or community center by at least 70%.

Disaster Relief – InterConnection works with organizations such as NetHope, World Vision, Microsoft Community Affairs and others when natural disasters strike around the world in order to get the nonprofit IT infrastructure up and running locally.

Computer Grants - InterConnection donates high-quality refurbished equipment to eligible nonprofits 4 times a year.

International Impact

InterConnection has shipped more than 35,000 computers to NGOs, schools, libraries, community centers, etc. in 40 different countries.


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