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Who We Have Helped

Your donation helps non-governmental organizations around the world by providing high-quality refurbished desktop and laptop computers, creating opportunity through computer reuse.


Impact News

  • Oso Landslide Victims Receive Donated Laptops from InterConnection - InterConnection donated three laptops to North Counties Family Services in Darrington to aid with the mudslide relief efforts. The laptops will be used by volunteers to collect information from people impacted by the disaster and keep track of aid distri... more »
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  • InterConnection Donated a Full MultiPoint Computer Lab to the Public Pilot Library of Medellín - At the beginning of the year, InterConnection donated a 5-seat Multipoint Server System to the Public Pilot Library of Medellín for Latin America (Biblioteca Pública Piloto de Medellín para América Latina), Colombia. ... more »
  • MultiPoint Computer Lab donated to Escuela Agrícola San Pedro - In February InterConnection’s director, and María Eugenia Gallitelli, Latin America Outreach manager, traveled to San Pedro de Ycuamandiyu in Paraguay to personally donate a five seat Multipoint Server System to the Escuela Agrícola de San Pedro... more »
  • Boeing 747 Restoration Project - InterConnection donated parts to the Museum of Flight in Seattle to help restore the first 747 ever built. ... more »
  • InterConnection supports Local Job Creation and Training. - InterConnection donated computer equipment valued at $7,000 to the Work Force Development Center (WFDC). The computers will be used to support their new machine shop facility in Mukilteo and provide classroom training to youth from across the Puget Sound ... more »
  • NEW SMART PHONE & TABLET CERTIFIED DATA WIPE SERVICE - Smart phones and tablets are like computers, they store sensitive personal information including phone number, texts, photos, and contacts. This data must be securely destroyed before the device is reused which is why InterConnection launched a smart phon... more »
  • Happy New Year 2013 - Thank you for all your support. You helped make 2013 full of accomplishments, activities and growth. With your help, we have shipped more than 5,000 computers to organizations and underserved communities in need of technology. Over 1600 nonprofits receiv... more »

Focus Areas


Low-income families and students - we offer laptops and desktops to low-income families and students at at-cost prices.

Nonprofit organizations - Every month, more than 80 nonprofits receive computers from InterConnection.

Schools & Libraries - Donations to InterConnection helps us cut the average cost of setting up a computer lab in a school, library or community center by at least 70%.

Disaster Relief – InterConnection works with organizations such as NetHope, World Vision, Microsoft Community Affairs and others when natural disasters strike around the world in order to get the nonprofit IT infrastructure up and running locally.

Computer Grants - InterConnection donates high-quality refurbished equipment to eligible nonprofits 4 times a year.

International Impact

InterConnection has shipped more than 35,000 computers to NGOs, schools, libraries, community centers, etc. in 40 different countries.



157 Computers to Charta 77 Foundation, Czech Republic

This donation was a collaboration between InterConnection, TechSoup and Microsoft. The Charta 77 Foundation operates a program called Computers against Barriers. Its goal is to reintegrate handicapped people as fast as possible through their education and re-training using information and communication technology.


122 Laptops to Action Aid Pakistan

Microsoft Community Affairs, NetHope and InterConnection worked together to ship donated laptops to Pakistan to assist with the emergency relief efforts caused by the flooding.


50 to World Vision Chile

Desktops were used to connect remote villages damaged by the earthquake.


177 to Peace Corps El Salvador

177 Desktop computers and 24 laptops were shipped to Peace Corps volunteer Zach Thomas in El Salvador. Zach will work with local schools and community organizations to distribute them.


6 laptops to Uganda

Provided to Striver Foundation which promotes economic development in Uganda through fostering the growth of local, medium sized enterprises


200 to Orphanage in India

Home of Hope India-US sponsored a shipment of computers to Prathyasha Bhavan, an orphanage for 80 abandoned, neglected, abused girls in Kochi, India.


5 Laptops to Bioley, Costa Rica

Laptops will be provided to communities near La Amistad International park in the Talamanca rainforest.


5 Laptops, Peru Hovde Foundation

Hovde Foundation, a charity that funds the construction and operation of shelters for vulnerable children around the world, will use the laptops to equip a shelter for sexually abused women and children in Huánuco, Peru.


500 to TechSoup Romania

Microsoft Community Affairs sponsored a shipment of desktop computers to their partner organization, TechSoup, in Romania. Computers will be used to pilot a technology access program in Bucharest.


50 to City of Seattle Tech Centers

City of Seattle and InterConnection worked together to provide computers to the following centers: Neighborhood House at Rainier Vista, Delridge RecTech Center, South Park Community Center, Yesler Community Center and Horn of Africa Services


204 to El Salvador

Computers were received by the town of Chinameca and distributed to local schools and learning centers.


30 to Schools in St Lucia

Computer donation to the schools was sponsored by Microsoft and The Trust for the Americas, Organization of American States.


15 Computers to Liberia

The Liberian NGO Movement for the Promotion of Gender Equality in Liberia received computers to support their charitable work.


18 Laptops to Belize

Independence High School in Belize received the laptops for a student computer lab.


Computers to Peace Corps, Vanuatu

Peace Corps volunteer Kristine Buchholz arranged for a shipment of 122 laptops and a 160 desktop computers. Computers will be distributed to schools and communities on the various islands of the area.


12 to Center for Education, Training, and Technology for Farm Families, Paraguay

Computers will be used to provide training for impoverished Paraguayan farming communities. Ex-Peace Corps volunteers Joel Correia and Karen Schlatter raised funds for the project by riding their bikes through southern South America.


203 to Peace Corps, Namibia

Shipment arranged by PCV Mark Kampert. Computers will be used to set up labs for the Andara Combine School in the rural village where he is a volunteer. Mark got the effort rolling by returning to his hometown of Uniontown, Pennsylvania and speaking at local schools. The Community Foundation of Fayette County, accepted donations for the project and managed funds.


105 to Ibero American High School, Aruba

Pentium IV computers and 105 LCD monitors were shipped to the school for teaching and training purposes.


104 Computers to Eastern Washington Students to Computers to TechReach

InterConnection teamed with the Puget Sound Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology to provide computers to graduates of their TechReach program. Students are from the rural towns of Sunnyside, Granger and Pasco.


30 to School in Paraguay

New Horizon School has over 700 students from low-income families. Computers will be used for their new computer lab received the computers.


8 laptops for ANECA, Costa Rica

Used to create two computer labs for disadvantaged Costa Rican children.


20 Computers and 20 Laptops to Consejo Dominicano del Cafe, Dominican Republic

Shipment arranged by Peace Corps volunteer David Mayo. Computers shipped to coffee producers group, Consejo Dominicano del Cafe. Computers were use for a computer lab that holds computer skills classes for the management, the members, the members' families, and the local community.


400 to Schools in El Salvador

Computer shipment arranged by Peace Corps volunteer Judy Peltomaa. Shipping donated by the Deparment of Defense, Funded Transportation Program.


200 to Schools in Belize

Independence High School in southern Belize received 200 computers and monitors from InterConnection. Computers were used to set up three computer labs at the school.


196 to Cameroon

Peace Corps volunteer Bill Zimmerman arranged a shipment for General Engineering & Maintenance Group in Buea, Cameroon. This shipment is the first step to establishing a computer reuse center for Cameroon.


49 Laptops to Peace Corps, Zambia

Peace Corps volunteer Angela Glenn arranged a shipment of laptops to Chinyunyu MultiPurpose and Tele-Centre in Zambia. Laptops will be used for technology education.


197 to Armenia

The United Armenian Fund arranged for a shipment of computers and 170 LCD monitors to Armenian schools.


200 to Ministry of Youth Affairs, Kenya

Computer shipment funded by Microsoft Community Affairs. Ministry of Youth Affairs will distribute computers to various schools in Nairobi.


40 to Operation Rescue the Children, Honduras

ORC arranged for the donation of computers to communities in Honduras. A school in Choloma used the computers for a training lab for 5th and 6th graders. Other computers went to schools in Roatan where they will be given to an orphanage, the local health clinic and a church.


10 laptops to Namibia Catholic Health Services

Laptop shipment arranged by Peace Corps volunteer Kami Lee. Laptops will be used to teach HIV education. Read complete story.


26 to Computer Lab in Dominican Republic

Peace Corps volunteers Megan Drake and Courtney Briar faciliated a computer shipment to Manabao. Computers were used for a training lab.


40 to Schools in Rwanda

Computer shipment was funded by ARC International. Computers will be provided to schools in Rwanda.


5 to Schools Ecuador

Computer shipment was funded by Essential Living Foods and donated to a school in Atacame, Ecuador.


3 laptops for Project Enlighten, Cambodia

Project Enlighten supports orphans in Cambodia. Laptops will be used at their education center, located at their Landmine Museum, which educates landmine survivors.


4,000 Computers to Schools in Chile

Children in Chile are benefiting from greater access to technology and the Internet after receiving 4,000 computers sent by InterConnection. The computers were initially sent to the Chilean non profit Fundacion Todo Chilenter. Chilenter is distributing the computers to schools throughout Chile.


Chilenter selected InterConnection for their ability to provide quality, refurbished computers at minimal costs. This significant accomplishment took six months, ten ocean containers, and numerous volunteers in Seattle who helped with testing and preparing the computers.


80 to New World Villages

Mal and Elaine Moran received funds from Rotary to ship 80 Pentium 4 computers. Computers were used to set up labs at St. Peter Anglican Primary School in Orange Walk, St. Matthew Anglican Primary School, Julian Cho Technical Secondary School and the Little Flower Roman Catholic Primary School.


420 to The Rotary Club of San Ignacio

Andre Lopez with Rotary Belize arranged for a donation of 420 computers to three high schools in the San Ignacio district of Belize.


210 to Makhoarane Primary School, South Africa

Sefrioui-Badissy Foundation arranged for a donation of 210 computers to the Makhoarane Primary School in South Africa.


400 Computers and monitors for Computers for Schools, Uganda

Computers will be distributed to schools in Kampala, Uganda.


180 Computers and Monitors to Toledo Development Corporation

Computers provided to Toledo District Education Center for Employment Training. Shipment arranged by Peace Corps volunteer Tim Dami.


210 Fundacion el Camino, Guatemala

Computers will be used to provide quality training and access to the latest technology to under-served communities in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala.


420 Sefrioui-Badissy Foundation, Morocco

Sefrioui-Badissy Foundation (SBF) is a public, non-profit organization dedicated to providing technology access and community-based training to impoverished African students - giving them the knowledge and tools necessary for participation in the global market and improving their lives.


18 Toledo Development Corporation, Belize

Shipment arranged by Peace Corps volunteer Tim Dami for two schools to improve Primary School Exam scores.


20 Connect Education, El Salvador

Computers will be used to establish a computer lab that will be the basis for the technological connection between children in El Salvador and sponsors in the United States.


440 Fundación Todo Chilenter, Chile

Chilenter works to bridge the digital divide in Chile by providing information and communication resources to underserved communities.


201 Computers for the World, Montevideo, Uruguay

35 computers donated to several schools and orphanages at selected locations in Montevideo, Uruguay. The remaining computers donated to Uruguay Rotary District 4980 for redistribution to other local Rotary clubs that serve areas surrounding Montevideo and the eastern countryside. Approximately 2000 youth will benefit from this project.


25 World Vision, Zambia

Computers will be used to complement primary school education and vocational training for youth and adult literacy in a community learning center in Kabaleka Village in Zambia.


15 Computers to Yalve Sanga Indigenous High School of ASCIM (Asociación de Servicios de Cooperación Indígena Mennonita), Paraguay

Computers will be used to teach 110 indigenous students computer skills. See


9 Computers to Asociación de Consumidores del Barrio San Miguel de San Lorenzo (ACUSAMLO), Paraguay

Computers will be used to teach consumer awareness and administration support.


9 Computers to Fundación FUNDAR, Paraguay

Computers will be used to teach children the following courses: Social Action, Accounting, Business, office managment, public relations and server and computer maintenance.


8 Computers to Fundación Ko'embota, Paraguay

Computers will be used to teach impoverished families computer skills and Internet use skills.


81 Computers to Non Profits in South Africa

Computers will be provided to SOS Children's Home Pietermaritzburg, SOS Children's Home Cape Town, Tokologo Centre for the Disabled, Philani Community Development Centre, and Emndeni Digital Village. Computers donated by Microsoft in support of the company's Unlimited Potential Program


55 Computers to Nyanza Province Community Technology Learning Centers, Kenya

Computers will enhance livelihoods of the community of Siaya District of Nyanza Province through ICT training. The project will create 8 Community Technology Learning Centres to benefit 12000 community members in the next three years. Computers donated by Microsoft in support of the company's Unlimited Potential Program


38 Computers to Center for Lifelong Learning, Romania

Computers will support Center for Lifelong Learning Romania a non-profit organization that currently develops an outreach training program for three underserved communities in Western Romania. Computers donated by Microsoft in support of the company's Unlimited Potential Program


18 Computers to Peace Corps Honduras

The computers will be used for basic computer education for the Villa de San Francisco school community. Students will be taught software programs and keyboarding skills. Donation facilitated by Peace Corps Volunteer Lucas Wolf


10 Computers to Youth Information and Counseling Center of Slovenia (MISSS), February 2006

Computers will support MISSS a non-profit non-governmental organization that develops information & counseling, general and specific community prevention programs for young people that supplement each other and create the network of psychosocial prevention. Computers donated by Microsoft in support of the company's Unlimited Potential Program


25 Computers to Seattle Mazatlan Sister City Association, Mexico

Computers were donated to schools in the city Mazatlan buy the Seattle Mazatlan Sister City Association. Sister City members brought the computers with them, on their plan flight, when they traveled to Mexico.


138 Computers Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam

Computers provided to the Center for Research and Consulting on Management, a non profit organization belonging to Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam. Computers donated by Microsoft in support of the company's Unlimited Potential Program


50 World Vision Chile

Computers will be used to establish computer centers, in order to assist children with homework and to aid the adult members of the community who wish to use computers for work purposes.


12 Computers to Peace Corps Dominican Republic

Computers will be used for technology centers at several bateys, or villages, in the region. Donation facilitated by Peace Corps volunteer Andrea Pestone


216 Pentium Computers to Morocco Schools

Computers will be used to establish computer labs at high schools throughout Morocco.


10 Computers to Louisiana State University Students

LSU students displaced by Hurricane Katrina received 10 donated computers. The students transferred to University of Washington after the storm to finish their studies. The donation was facilitated by the University of Washington.


12 Computers Donated to Katrina's Victims

InterConnection donated 12 high end computers to the Louisiana Library System so evacuees can get online and file FEMA applications and search for loved ones.


18 Computers to United Action Children, Cameroon

UAC is a caring organization for children and youths. They provide affordable quality education to the children and disadvantaged youths of Buea, Cameroon. Computers will be used to a computer center for youth.


2 Computers to Natural Land Trust, Paraguay

Two computers were donated to Natural Land Trust in Paraguay to support their Voluntarios en Accion program.


18 Computers to Schools in Mozambique

Eighteen computers were sent to Maputo, Mozambique to school for street children. The computer donation was facilitated by Peace Corps volunteer Jay Gibson.


20 Computers to PAIDEIA, Paraguay

Twenty computers were donated to the Paraguayan non profit PAIDEIA. The computers will be used for PAIDEIA's Web Escuela (School Web) program which is creating community telecenters in Paraguay.


20 Computers to Peace Corps, Guinea

Twenty computers were shipped to Guinea, Africa. The computer donation was facilitated by Peace Corps volunteer Carrie Mitchell


15 Computers to Connect Education International, El Salvador

Fifteen computers were sent to El Salvador for Connect Education International. Computers will be used to establish a computer lab that will be the basis for the technological connection between children in El Salvador and sponsors in the United States.


22 Computers to Samoa College, Peace Corps South Pacific

Twenty-two computers were provided to Samoa College in Samoa, South Pacific. There computers will be used to further develop a computer lab that provides computer education for approximately 800 students. The donation was facilitated by Peace Corps ICT volunteer Michael Lee.


160 Computers for Fiji Schools

Students from Ballard High will travel to Fiji to set up three computer labs at schools. The students are members of Computers for the World, a program that provides computer technology to schools around the world. 160 computers were sent to Fiji. The computers were packaged and shipped from InterConnection Computer Reuse and Learning Center.


20 Computer for Peace Corps Paraguay and Network for Human Development of Paraguay

50 computers and monitors were sent to Asuncion, Paraguay. The computer sets will be distributed by Peace Corps volunteers to schools and non governmental organizations. Five computers will be received by the Network for Human Development of Paraguay (REPADEH), a non profit chaired by First Lady of Paraguay Gloria Penayo de Duarte.

School recipients include:

  • Centro Educativo San Fransisco de Asis - 2 computers
  • Escuela Basica Arroyo Claro - 1 computer
  • Colegio Arroyo Claro - 1 computer
  • Escuela Basica "La Esperanza" - 1 computer
  • Colegio Nac. Gral. Alcibiades Ibanez Rojas - 1 computer
  • Apoyo Comunitario a la Familia e Infancia (ACFI) - 5 computers
  • Fundacion Ko'embota - 8 computer


367 Computer for Iraq Schools

A 40 shipping container was filled with refurbished computers, monitors, printers and network equipment. The computer donation was sponsored by Kairos International, an international development organization working in northern Iraq. The computers will be distributed by the Kurdish Minister of Education to Kurdish schools.


225 Computers for Microsoft's Community Technology Learning Centers

InterConnection shipped 90 computers and monitors to Fundación El Encuentro en Santiago, Chile and 135 computers and monitors to Shop24 Technology in Xizhi City, Taiwan. Both organizations are Microsoft accredited Community Technology Learning Centers. InterConnection partnered with Microsoft to prepare and ship computers for Microsoft's CTLC program.


Computers sent to Swaziland

The Setsembiso Sebunye High School in Swaziland received 100 computers and monitors thanks to the Mona Foundation. Computer technology will be used as an instructional tool integrated into the curriculum in a creative manner. Students will develop skills in the use of basic computer hardware and software, communication and information technologies, and various specialized applications in order to increase employment opportunities.


10 Computers sent to Panama

The Mona Foundation sponsored a computer shipment to Badi School in San Miguelito, Panama. The computers will be used for a new technology center. The center will broaden its financial base, as well as provide graduates with the skills that will allow them to contribute to, and participate fully in, the economic, cultural, and technological transformation of their country.


40 Computers sent to Brazil

40 computers and monitors were prepared for the Mona Foundation who will ship them to the Association for the Cohesive Development of the Amazon (ADCAM) in Brazil. The computers will be used for the Masrour Institute of Technology. The Institute will also provide higher educational opportunities for the students of the ADCAM Project.


225 Computers for Alter Vida, Paraguay

225 computers and monitors were shipped to the non profit Alter Vida in Paraguay. The computers will be used to support the Local Development Alliance Program. The initiative works to strengthen different sectors of society and advance democracy in Paraguay by improving the services provided by the local governments which elevate the quality of life of the local communities and improve the local government infrastructure. Computers will be donated to municipalities where they will be used to connect government offices to the Internet. Local community members will have access to the computers as well. The initiative is funded primarily by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


40 Computers to Tanzania

40 computers and monitors were prepared for the Mona Foundation who will ship them to Tanzania. The computers will be sent to the Ruaha Secondary School and used in a new computer lab serving 560 students.