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Elena Programs and Services

  • Influence key policy makers to act with concern, on the plight of street girls, children, handicapped people, widows etc.  

  • Organize and restructure women’s groups in rural and urban areas.

  • Promote the women folk in the rural world, educate, train and empower them.  

  • Organize collective markets for women’s foodstuff or Agricultural products.  

  • Promote solidarity in the rural  world with the purpose of fighting  female genital mutilation (fgm) battery, widowhood, HIV/AIDS, STDS, Teenage Pregnancies, Pre-marital sex etc.  

  • Facilitate easy access to information and credit for women running of having micro projects in the rural world.  

  • Provision of vocational training to disabled children and women for self reliance.  

  • Give legal assistance to abused women in all it forms.