Directed Giving

Donate Computers to a Cause of your Choice

Safely and easily donate your surplus desktops and laptops to individuals or organizations of your choice, at ZERO COST.

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What is it?

A program that offers your company comprehensive IT Asset
Disposition services and give companies the power to direct reusable
computers towards a cause of their choice. 

Companies can either give to a specific charity or they can donate to one of the many pre-screened organizations supported by InterConnection in need of computers.

To donate, companies can either schedule a pick up, hold a collection event, or become a collection site.

How it works

Option 1. Hire InterConnection to refurbish the equipment. For a small fee we will refurbish your surplus computer equipment for you and donate it to individuals or organizations of your choice.   See Refurbishing Services for fees.

Option 2. Trade computers for refurbishing services. We can convert surplus computers into revenue which means we can use some of your surplus computers to cover refurbishing costs. This no-cost solution means there are no out of pocket expenses. 

Call 206 633 1517 ext. 114 for more details or email

Case Studies

InterConnection has refurbished and shipped over 1000 Microsoft donated computers to charitable projects around the world, including those in Chile, Taiwan, Kenya, Romania and Vietnam. All at no cost to Microsoft.

TechSoup - Microsoft
Microsoft donated computers to InterConnection under the condition that a portion would be shipped to TechSoup's partner Charta 77 in the Czech Republic.

Casey Family Programs
InterConnection refurbished Casey Family Programs surplus computer equipment and provided them to families supported by the foundation.