Self-Service Data Wiping

We've developed a suite of tools for making hard drive wiping and donating computers secure and easy:


 KillDisk DOS+ Windows Professional Suite

Order a Data Destruction CD:  Just insert the CD into your computer and next time it boots up all data, including the operating system, will be wiped cleaned.  Cost is $1 for shipping and handling.

Wipe and Ship Kit:  The kit includes a Data Destruction CD and a pre-paid mailing label for donating laptops, smart phones or tablets.  Cost is $1 for shipping and handling.

Data Migration:  Need help with moving your data from your old computer to your new one before your donate it?  We can help.  For $45 we'll move all files in My Documents and include a 16 GB USB memory stick.  Cost is $45 per computer.

Standard Hard Drive Wiping - FREE

We wipe or destroy hard drive data on all computers and laptops for free. All reuseable hard drives are immediately wiped with industry leading software. Our free standard wiping is Department of Defense 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88 compliant.  Non-reuseable shred are shredded and destroyed.

Certified Data Destruction and Asset Disposition List  -  $5 Per Hard Drive

Our custom-built asset tracking and data destruction program provides detailed reporting of every erasure and is compliant with Department of Defense, HIPAA, SOX, and all major security standards. Asset disposition list includes serial number and specifications of all tracked items.  Sample Erasure Report

Mechanical Destruction - $5 to $10

At your business or at InterConnection we will destroy your hard drive with a specialized machine that delivers a staggering 12,000 pounds of hydraulic force, causing catastrophic trauma to the hard drive’s chassis while destroying its internal platter. Cost is $5 if the hard drive is removed or $10 if we have to remove the drive.

Chain-of-Custody Service

We offer auditable Chain-of-Custody services at a fraction of the cost offered by for-profit electronics recyclers.  Our custom built asset tracking system provides donors with a detailed report that can be used for corporate records. It also generates a certificate of data destruction to ensure 100% peace-of-mind.

On-site Hard Drive Certified Wiping

Our mobile wipe rack can be delivered to any business and an InterConnection technician can wipe drives for you.  Minimum quantities required.