We Change Lives with your Surplus

Old desktops or laptops might be ready to retire but they can still travel the world on important missions. By donating surplus computer equipment to InterConnection you are giving your used computers a second life, and also helping organizations around the world to get connected to technology. More

R2 and ISO14001 Certified

InterConnection is the first nonprofit in the U.S. to hold two electronics recycling certifications, R2 and ISO14001. Both certifications ensure all material will be recycled responsibly and not exported. More

You're in good company

Real Networks, Nintendo, Alaska Airlines, and Seattle Schools have chosen InterConnection to recycle and reuse their surplus electronics for charitable purposes. More

Our focus is charitable reuse, not recycling

Recycling is good. Reuse is even better. Recycling requires large amounts of energy and waste is still produced. Reuse is 20X greener than recycling. If we can reuse your equipment, we will. If we can't it will be properly recycled in the U.S. More

We destroy your valuable data for free

All data is securely erased at no cost and we $1,000,000 guarantee that your data will be destroyed. More

We recycle for free

All computers accepted for free, working or not, and most monitors and peripherals.

We pick up and ship for free

Our goal is to make donating your surplus electronics as free and easy as possible. That's why we will pick it up for free if it meets our reuse criteria.

Tax write-off on all equipment

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization we can provide a tax deductible receipt for all donations.

100% asset tracking

Recycling companies charge to record and document your collected assets. We do it for free. All equipment is tagged and tracked as soon as they are received. We offer detailed tracking reports for every donation. More

To find out more about our electronic reuse and recycling programs, please contact us