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InterConnection's exclusive chain of custody asset tracking and disposition service. It ensures all major assets are tracked and an auditable report is created for the donor.

100% Peace of Mind

InterConnection strives to offer its corporate donors the same level of service for IT asset disposition that is offered by for-profit electronics recyclers. The difference is we offer our services for free or low-cost to ensure donating to InterConnection is clearly the best option. That’s why we developed our own auditable chain-of-custody asset disposition system that generates a detailed report for all items received, down to each items’ serial number.

Our chain-of-custody system ensures all items can be tracked as soon as we pick them up. All items are given bar codes before they are loaded. Once items are received at our secure warehouse their specifications, including make, model, hardware details, and serial numbers, are inputted into our system. The system generates a report for the donor that lists the items that were received and if they were reused or recycled. The report also includes a certificate of destruction for data on hard drives and recycled material.

For-profit recycling companies charge between $15 to $30 per asset for the type of services described above. InterConnection only charges $3 per asset. And we might do it free if the quantity and quality is high.

How it works: From Pick Up to Processing

Pick Up: Each asset is given a bar code which allows tracking as soon as equipment is loaded.

Dock Receipt: If equipment is shipped by donor a receipt is sent to donor as soon as equipment arrives.

Discovery and Hard Drive Wipe: All functional computers are booted and have their hard drives wiped
according to DoD standards. Computer specifications, including serial number, make, model, hard drive
size, and Mhz, are automatically captured with custom software and sent to a database. Non functional
computers have their make and model recorded by hand and their hard drives are destroyed. Other assets,
such as LCD monitors, have their make and model entered into the tracking database.

Clean: All proprietary stickers, labels, or asset tags are removed to ensure anonymity.
Reporting: A discovery report and a certificate of destruction is sent to the donor. The discovery report
lists details of all tracked assets and its final disposition, either recycled or reused. The discovery report is
also made available online in an account created for the donor.

Cost: The fee is $3 per tracked asset. The fee is negotiable according to quantity and quality of equipment.

Please contact us for details.