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Bucharest,133-135 Calea Victoriei 135,
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PO BOX 22-214
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1990 - 2000

The first women's democratic organization appeared during the revolutionary days of December 1989, as a result of the necessity to join women, to represent and defend their rights in Romania.

The Women's Association of Romania has been legally set up by the Sentence of Bucharest Sector 1 Court of Law No. 1243 / 25.04.1990.

It is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political organization ; as well, its pragmatic approach confers to the association a wide audience among women. W.A.R. has 9350 members in Bucharest and 20 other branches in the country. The admission in the organization is made through an adhesion form. Our association does not require membership fee, but occasionally accepts financial contributions; our funds come from projects, programs, donations and various fundraising activities. The entire activity of our organization is based on strong volunteering.

During its ten years of existence, Women's Association of Romania - the initiator of the national women's movement - has become a strong link among committees, associations and organizations, which activate for the welfare of Romanian women. W.A.R. is part of the Coalition for the Health of Reproduction in Romania (1998) and is the initiator of the Coalition for Culture of Peace and Non-Violence in Romania (1999).

The Association issues an informational newsletter and in 1990 has issued a newspaper titled "We, Women " whose release was temporarily interrupted. The journalistic activity will be reappraise through the FEMINET on-line review, in 2001.

LILIANA PAGU as President W.A.R. and Vice-president Alliance for Peace in Romania is the promoter of the Democratic Movement of the Romanian Women, organizing the Women's Democratic Front (temporary post-revolutionary organization) in December 28th, 1989. Through a TV broadcast message, she mobilized women in the entire country to destroy the old communist forms of women organizations and to unite their efforts to a new, historical stage in Romania's history.

LILIANA PAGU is internationally recognized by her including in the encyclopedia "The World Who's Who for Women " edited by "International Biographical Center", Cambridge, Great Britain (1996).
In 1998 she is nominated for her entire activity as "Woman of the Year,1998 " by the " American Biographical Institute ".
In 1999, the project Rochester New York, "The 100 Heroines of the World" prizes her as one of the 100 fighters for women's rights in the entire world.

The Women's Association of Romania has participated in the 4th World Women Conference in Beijing and in the NGO Forum (1995). W.A.R. carries out programs of promotion and supporting for the Romanian women, according to the "Action Platform" in Beijing. It has also took part in many international events: conferences, seminars,symposia, making connections with women's organizations from the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, China, Korea, Cuba, Switzerland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Republic of Moldavia, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovak Republic, Turkey, The USA, Ukraine and Hungary.

In 1996, our Association entered into a collaboration protocol with the Euro-Asian women, in Ankara. We have been visited by delegations from: Byelorussia (Official State delegation), women and charity delegations from Switzerland, a civic organization from Italy, University delegation from Germany and other women's organizations from Greece, the Netherlands and the USA.

The programs of association promoting an adequate status for the Romanian women according to the Action Platform of Beijing '95 were supported financially between 1998 and 2000 by: USAID, Ford Foundation, Global Fund for Women (USA), IFOR (Netherlands), EFECW (Switzerland), European NCA (Norway); the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Romania) financed us too.

The Women's Association of Romania enjoys a great international prestige and it is affiliated to the Federation Of Peace And Cooperation In Balkans - 1996, Athens; Karat Coalition For Regional Action (Women NGOs from 13 countries in Eastern and Central Europe) -- Warsaw, 1997, UNESCO - Network Of Networks "Aladin": Hamburg 1998. the association is agreed by ECOSOC as well.

The Women's Association of Romania allies with all leagues, Federations and Organizations from Romania and abroad that defend FREEDOM, PEACE and LIFE on EARTH!

President W.A.R.
Vice-president "ALLIANCE FOR PEACE"
National Coordinator "KARAT COALITION"