• A campaign on tree planting in the area was officially launched on 21st Aug. 2000 and those who received seedlings are monitored.
  • Vocational training in technical skills, that the Youth are equipped with such practical skills that on completion help them earn a living.
  • A massive sensitization about sanitation and immunization is on ground and this is by calling people for seminars at the centre. Competitions are also arranged at the level of family hygiene/sanitation. Winners are given token prices just to enable even others improve in order to get the same prizes. 


Agricultural tools from Rotary Clubs of Muyenga and Stafford, UK
Trainees in the Carpentry Department.

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Twezimbe Rural Development Organisation
P.O. Box 9272 Kampala - Uganda
Telephone : 256-41-200593
Fax : 256-41-200593