Goals & Accomplishments


The organisation has as its objectives:

  • The need to equip youths and the deserving needy, mostly orphans with practical skills in the fields of agriculture, tailoring, carpentry and joinery, bricklaying and concreting.
  • Looking for markets for the finished products both within and outside the country.
  • Ensure that people live within environments that are not hazardous to their lives/health. This is to be done through sensitisation about primary health care, waste disposal, sanitation and immunisation through village seminars as a healthy society is a backbone and indication of development.
  • Environmental protection and conservation through tree planting initiatives, proper waste disposal and use of energy saving devices like biogas.
  • Women empowerment through formation of clubs and making joint projects with help of a revolving fund.

  • Carpentry tools from Rotary Clubs of 
    Muyenga and Stafford, UK


    Since it was founded, Twezimbe has realised various goals like:

  • With provision of seminars, many women and youth have set up development projects in rearing, small retail businesses thus bringing services and products nearer to the people.
  • The Vocational Training and Production Centre has enabled at least 43 students to graduate with practical skills in their respective fields and many of them are now working and at least economically independent.
  • Pupils that were facilitated in Primary School have sat for their Primary Leaving Examinations and there is every hope for them to enrol at the centre other than stopping at Primary level without any vacation.
  • Trees have been planted. This followed a sensitisation seminar on the importance of trees in rainmaking and preventing disasters.

  • Visitors from Stafford Rotary Club, UK

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    Twezimbe Rural Development Organisation
    P.O. Box 9272 Kampala - Uganda
    Telephone : 256-41-200593
    Fax : 256-41-200593