To enable us pursue all our goals, we request a hand because we are confronted with a problem of how to sustain the centre as the trainees do not have the money to meet their school fees. 

We therefore request any humanitarian/volunteer concern to our cause to enable us uplift the quality of life of our people.

  • Funds will be used to meet operational costs, buy a truck that can be used to transport finished products to markets.
  • We are interested in a volunteer who will take charge of fund raising activities and overall administration of the project.
  • We are also interested in a long term partner. 

  • Donations should be made to:

    Twezimbe Rural Development Organisation

    Please send inquiries to the following:
    Email address:
    Fax No. :  256-41-200593
    Tel. No. :  256-41-200593
    Mail address: P.O. Box 9272, Kampala, Uganda. 

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    Twezimbe Rural Development Organization
    P.O. Box 9272 Kampala - Uganda
    Telephone : 256-41-200593
    Fax : 256-41-200593