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The Organisation is based in Kabira Sub county Rakai District in Uganda. Rakai is in the South Western part of the country about 175 Km from the capital city. The people are predominantly peasants though a few businesses are cropping up. The majority of the people are of the ganda tribe while other tribes like Batooro, Banyankore and Bafumbira are also prevalent. 
The total population of the area is about 7560 people (estimate).

People in this place have lived/live a miserable life because of the fact that they were overwhelmed by the AIDS scourge.

Consequently, many orphans were left and dependant families are many especially in form of child and female headed families.

The area is blessed with a river called Naluddugavu which covers a considerable area and acts as a water source to many people in the area.

The Youth are now empowering themselves as do the women. Most of them, being uneducated are settling to grow new coffee crop varieties and the money got has been used to buy motorbikes that are now being used to transport people to the nearby towns of Kyotera and Kalisizo as there are no taxis.

Many children are now in primary school thanks to the government policy of education for all up to P7. These, then join the Vocational training at the Twezimbe Centre. 

Orphans who were assisted by the
Organisation in Primary School.

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