Twezimbe Rural Development Organisation
is a CBO (Community Based Organisation) founded with an aim of uplifting the quality of life of the people of Kabira Sub county Rakai District in Uganda.

The CBO came up with felt need to equip school dropouts and youths with practical skills in technical work that could enable them be self supporting in their day to day life given the fact that they are needy and mostly orphans.

Adults also felt that forming joint initiatives would enable them enhance their income especially through handcrafts and rearing.

Founder Directors:
Left: A.Ssemwanga   Right: M. Kaddu
Twezimbe Rural Development Organisation
was started/founded in 1995 as a reaction to the poor living conditions of the people of Kabira in Rakai, Uganda. It should be noted that among other factors contributing to this wretchedness was the effect of the Aids scourge that greatly affected the area. Many families became child headed and many orphans were left behind. So the dependence ratio is high.

Headquarters of 
Twezimbe Rural Development Organisation
at Kabira Uganda

The economic life was/is very poor so the children were not going to school not until 1997 after the government policy of UPE (Universal Primary Education). Volunteers and other humanitarians decided to pool resources and help improve their life by initiating participatory development projects.

"Twezimbe" literary means "Let us develop ourselves". 
In this respect it is a participatory development initiative.

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Twezimbe Rural Development Organisation
P.O. Box 9272 Kampala - Uganda
Telephone : 256-41-200593
Fax : 256-41-200593